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Student Programs


Oscar Mike's (military for "on mission") is a little ice cream shop with an objective above and beyond serving delicious ice cream. Located in Toccoa, GA; where the legendary Band of Brothers trained at Currahee Mountain, we are passionate about challenging a new generation to walk in the footsteps of these great men who are still known all over the world as being among the best of the best. With this intent, we have established Oscar Mike's as a hub for student programs, job skills training, and community outreach. Guidance is offered on an ongoing basis to help students set personal standards and goals for themselves, with emphasis on living whole-heartedly with faith, integrity, and purpose.




This program serves to match students of all ages with tutors who can help with homework, test preparation, projects, etc. $10 sessions are scheduled for one hour after school, and include two ten-minute breaks in the game room.


Mentoring & Discipleship Programs

Oscar Mike's leadership staff is conscientious about addressing the struggles that our young people are facing in today's society. Without question, our discipleship and mentoring programs are our top priority. We love that our employees and students who attend our programs have come to see Oscar Mike's as a place where they belong and feel supported. Ephesians 2:20 NLT: "Together, we are His house." As Christians, we hope to emulate the kind of discipleship exemplified in the Bible; doing life together while encouraging each other towards a deeper understanding of what it means to give up your "right to self" to follow Jesus. Though we are open about sharing our faith, it is very important to us that people of other faiths, cultures, and views are valued and respected here. 


Job Training, Experiential Learning, and Basic Life Skills

We have worked diligently at Oscar Mike's to develop an outstanding hands-on job training program for high school employees. Recognizing that the need is so great with today's students, we have also recently begun launching prerequisite basic life skills classes and small experiential learning groups which encompass everything from kayaking excursions to dinner club meetings (etiquette class), and are geared toward personal growth. All of our courses are consistent in covering the 10 criteria outlined by the Department of Labor's GeorgiaBEST program as being crucial in determining student success academically and in the workplace:

  • Discipline and Character

  • Attendance and Punctuality

  • Teamwork and Work habits

  • Productivity and Academic Performance

  • Organization and Responsibility

  • Attitude and Respect

  • Self-Management and Time Management

  • Oral and Written Business Communication Skills

  • Appearance and Professional Image

  • Social Media Ethics

Additionally, Oscar Mike's has established other constructive activities designed to encourage students to live more intentionally: personality assessments to determine strengths, goal-setting sessions, equine-assisted learning, community service, and team-building are some examples. Guidance is offered on an ongoing basis to help students set personal standards and goals for themselves, with emphasis on living whole-heartedly with faith, integrity, and purpose. All of these reflect Oscar Mike's vision, mission, and core values. 



A place of belonging and guidance; a hub of activity in which students are provided opportunities and practical support to live more purposeful and productive lives.

Mission Statement:

To create opportunities for students to experience community, purpose, and faith.


Core Values:


Community. We believe in bringing people together. 

Heart. We believe in friendly smiles, acts of kindness, and community service. We believe that God is love, and that love is a verb. 

Allegiance. We believe in loyalty and altruism, creating bonds that run deep,  and the power of persisting.


Balance. We believe in promoting peace, living in the present, and letting go of what holds us back. 

Openness. We believe in being open to new adventures and setting new goals.

Strength. We believe in strength of character, a positive mindset, and the resilience to look for opportunity in every challenge.

Purpose. We believe that we are called to live with integrity and authenticity of faith; to pursue excellence and always give our best. 

Faith. We believe in faith that can move mountains, and that some mountains are meant to be climbed. We believe in unstoppability.